"Combining their unique abilities, this father and son duo established Indecom Furniture design"

Bound by an

Unshakable Passion

for Design

The Indecom Story


Born in the lush landscapes of West Java, Indonesia, Just Meyer found his way back to the Netherlands with his family in the 1950s. After immersing himself in the study of architecture, he was irresistibly drawn towards the enchanting world of furniture design. The ensuing journey saw him create an impressive array of historical designs for KEMBO Furniture Company from the mid-1960s until 1989.

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West Java, Indonesia
The Indecom Story 1950sCEO Meyer, The Indecom Story 1950s


The year 1989 marked a pivotal moment in the Meyer legacy when Just and Eelco came together to found Indecom Design. Starting in Europe, but soon finding licensees across the world and establishing themselves as international designers of furniture.

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Rhenen, The Netherlands
The Indecom Story 1989Indecom Story 1989


Over the years, we've launched myriad successful product ranges that have reached every corner of the globe, forming a robust network of partners. We have license agreements spanning continents - Europe, Africa, and America - each a testament to our shared commitment to bring the best of design to the world.

The vision was and still is to design recognizable and idiosyncratic products which combine surprising simplicity with intelligence.

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Around the World
Nomi: Diverse, sustainable and comfortable.

“Designing something is like a puzzle: a constant search for the most adequate solution. Design, functionality, and comfort while keeping in mind price and sustainability is essential.”

Just Meyer
Design Sketch Indecom
Photo: Becker Brakel
Indecom Process
Photo: Becker Brakel

The human touch leaves a lasting

LLLOur design philosophy stems from the human spirit's drive to innovate. Driven by new materials, individuality, fashion trends, or pure inspiration, we believe in the market's embrace of innovative ideas. We carefully select designers and suppliers based on the product and market requirements to ensure the best outcome.

LLLOur designers and suppliers exhibit a tenacity that sets them apart, with a strong commitment to bringing their ideas to life. The design process starts with inspiration and unfolds organically. Through sketches and collaboration, ideas are developed, often with numerous iterations.

Indecom Process
Photo: Becker Brakel

Once the melody aligns, prototypes take shape, and a team is formed to combine the designer's creativity with technical expertise. Meticulous drawings pave the way for implementation, exploring different product parts and possibilities.

Indecom process
Photo: Becker Brakel

Our designers work closely together with authorised suppliers in order to incorporate the latest techniques and know-how and thus be able to realise cutting edge design.

With a firm commitment to
sustainability at our core, we strive for ongoing refinement of our economic, environmental, and social initiatives.

We believe in designing quality products that not only offer excellent value, but can also be repurposed or refurbished at the end of their lifecycle.

We design for today with an eye on tomorrow. We strive to create durable and sustainable design with recyclable materials.