Diverse, sustainable and comfortable.

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The Nomi chair program is the perfect combination of comfort and design. The different models distinguish themselves by their different frames. Each model within the Nomi collection uses the same shell. The removable cover also has a universal application.





Superb seating comfort
Designed-in Flex
Removable full upholstery cover
Restylon-P (co-injection plastic) Shell
100% recycled Tetrapak shell available
A large variety of frames making it widely applicable
Designed by Just Meyer
compliance & sustainability

All models can pass CAL.133 or European fire safety standards with appropriate fabrics and treatments. Standard shell uses approximately 40% recycled material; 90% recycle version shell also available. A 100% Tetrapak Post consumer version available starting from 2023.

Multi-purpose - Side seating / Stacking / Business / Healthcare / Universities and more.
The design brief, or so to speak, goal for Indecom was to create a surprising and sustainable solution that can be used in offices, health care, and education environments. Preferably a family of chairs in which the design allows for changes over the years.

Indecom designed a ergonomic one-piece shell made of the revolutionary Restylon materal. Restylon offers high stiffness, anti-static and an excellent resistance against UV rays and detergents. The idea is to combine one single shell with a wide variety of frames, interchangeable armrests and a removable cover - characteristics which have elevated NOMI to a cutting-edge concept. Both modular and circular.

The centralised assembly point of the shell allows to combine it with an endless variety of frames and thus the Nomi program is in a continuing process of change. The Nomi collection started with the Classic, Work, Project, Wood, Comfort and Design models. In the past few years the Work+ and Stool Nomi models have been added in order to meet end-user demands.

The 3D-formed very contoured shell offers a high level of comfort due to its designed-in, but limited flexibility. This allows the shell to flex and support your body as you move.

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